Installing AC Units in Palm Beach County, FL

Is your AC unit on its last leg? Are you finally ready to get a central air conditioner? Do you just need something better? When you’re dealing with the brutal heat in Palm Beach County, a brand-new air conditioner effectively installed by HVAC industry experts can seem like a miracle.

Airworx Air Conditioning has worked hard to become South Florida’s foremost HVAC company by offering top-quality brands and skilled, fast service. Our customers get to enjoy their new air conditioning units quickly without ever worrying about the quality of the unit or our installation.

Affordable, professional AC installation

You can always count on the licensed technicians at Airworx Air Conditioning to install your HVAC systems in an efficient and timely manner. We thoroughly prepare for each job and ensure that our installation is compatible with your unit’s make and model. By doing this pre-work, we ensure the installation of your new air conditioning unit goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

When you work with Airworx Air Conditioning, you can expect

  • • Fully insured and licensed technicians who will install your unit quickly, efficiently, and correctly
  • • Top of the line brands, including the latest products and models
  • • Personalized maintenance repair program to keep your new air conditioner running perfectly
  • • Affordable AC units in-line with Energy Star standards

When you work with Airworx Air Conditioning, you work with leaders in quality.

The benefits of a new air conditioning unit

Today’s central air conditioners are 60% more efficient than those of even just ten years ago, and improvements are being made constantly. At Airworx Air Conditioning, we’re always up-to-date on the latest in air conditioning technology. When you update to a new AC unit, you’re likely to see many benefits, including the following.

Reduced energy consumption

All air conditioners have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or a SEER, that rates the unit’s ability to cool on a typical cooling-season day. A higher SEER number indicates a better ability to cool, and all AC units in Florida are required to have a SEER of at least 14. Brands like Carrier offer options with a 21 SEER. Simply bumping up to a 19 SEER unit from a 14 SEER unit could shave off more than 25% of your annual electric bill.

Enhanced durability

Modern innovations have created air conditioning systems that can last for 15 to 20 years, which is nearly double that of older models. Not to mention, newer AC units are often much easier to maintain and use anywhere from 20% to 60% less energy than older models.

Improved air quality

Many newer AC units have add-ons to help keep your circulated air fresh and clean. Trane, for example, offers the CleanEffects filtration system that helps eliminate pollen, dust, mold, and other airborne allergens from your air supply. You can also add dehumidifiers and ventilators to stave off the Floridian mugginess.

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