HELP! Why is my AC Leaking?

At no time is it normal to see your air conditioning unit leak water internally or externally. There could be major consequences for a leaky ac unit in the long term. No need to lose your cool! Fixing a leaking air conditioning unit can be a very small repair and with no service fee from Airworx Air Conditioning, why not have us take a look at it?

The top 5 Reasons For a Leaking Air Conditioning Unit:

1. The condensation trap, pan or drain is clogged.
2. The pump tubing is clogged.
3. There could be a frozen coil that has melted ice dripping.
4. The Evaporator coil could need replacing.
5. We need to assure that there are no broken pipes or joints.

We at Airwox hold your family in high regard. So, for the safety of your loved ones, we want to assure that no leaks are a result of Freon loss and leaking. Freon can be highly toxic to your family and your home environment. Emergency Repair with Airworx makes scheduling an appointments for these concerns easy. In addition, we never charge extra to come out on the Weekend, like many competitors do.

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