Did you know that a simple yearly maintenance of your air conditioning you could save you hundreds in repair or replacement bills? Dust and debris can build up on your ac unit’s coils as well as on the air conditioner condenser. What happens then is that your home air conditioner no longer runs as efficiently as it should. Left too long, it can become a problem, and you will ultimately be facing a costly air conditioning repair.

Why AC Maintenance is So Important…

Even with some of the best air conditioners, you always want to be sure to maintain them. Airworx offers a yearly Maintenance Agreement that provides you the peace of mind you need. You can trust that our annual air conditioner service will help prevent major problems and also, allow your ac unit to run at its maximum efficiency.

What you can expect:

Licensed, highly experience technicians who know exactly what to look for
A more efficient, finely tuned air conditioning unit
An affordable plan that protects your home’s air conditioner
Inspection of all parts and blowers
Comprehensive tune-up of the entire HVAC system

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Before it’s Too Late

We’ve unfortunately seen many customers throughout South Florida who did not have their ac unit serviced regularly and as a result, ended up having to replace expensive parts or even the entire air conditioning unit. We want to prevent that before it happens, before your air conditioner stops working properly.

Our AC maintenance agreements are affordable, and in the end, they actually pay for themselves! We go over your everything in order to drastically minimize any need for air conditioning repair that may arise in the future. We’ve got your central air unit covered!