Few people ever consider their air ducts or the maintenance required to keep them clean and clear, but they can be major contributors to indoor air pollution by blowing pollen, mold spores, and other allergens through your home. To ensure your family or customers are breathing in clean, fresh air, talk to our expert team of AC technicians at Airworx Air Conditioning.

Is air duct cleaning necessary?

If you don’t get your air ducts cleaned regularly, is it going to shut down your AC unit? It’s unlikely. But duct cleaning provides many benefits for your day-to-day usage. If any of the following applies to your home or family, it’s time to clean your air ducts.

Recent renovations

If your home has gone through a recent remodel, your ducts may need cleaning. Whenever you’re remodeling, it’s important to close all of the air ducts in the house to prevent dangerous dust and debris from entering your home. This is especially important if you’ve undergone lead paint removal or asbestos abatement. If you aren’t sure this was done or someone’s experiencing a sudden illness, it may be best to have the air ducts cleaned.

Pest infestation

Ratatouille may have been cute in the Pixar movie, but you don’t want to hear him and his friends running around in your air ducts. If you have any suspicions that you may have pests in your air ducts, they need to be removed immediately and the air ducts need to be cleaned. Common pests that may be found in your air ducts are

  • • Mice and rats
  • • Cockroaches
  • • Bed bugs
  • • Spiders
  • • Snakes
  • • Squirrels
  • • Raccoons

When pests like these get in your ducts, they can cause significant damage and leave droppings that spread disease throughout your home.

Constant allergies

You’ve tried everything to get rid of your allergy symptoms. You take your decongestant, you vacuum every indoor surface regularly, and you make your home smell like cleaning solution from trying to kill pollen and spores. So why are you still suffering from significant allergies? The answer may be in your air ducts. Pollen, mold spores, and animal dander can gather inside the air ducts, meaning every time you turn on your AC, they get blown through your house and make you feel worse. Getting your HVAC unit professionally cleaned can keep you breathing easier.

Professional duct cleaning

Airworx Air Conditioning has helped South Floridians enjoy well-functioning AC units for more than 15 years. When you hire us for your air duct cleaning, you can expect

  • • The use of specialized tools to clear out all debris, dirt, and allergens from your AC ducts.
  • • Complete sanitation of your HVAC’s cooling system and AC ducts.
  • • A fast, efficient, and affordable process that improves your home’s air quality.
  • • Overall improved operation of your home’s air conditioner.

You’re in Florida; don’t take any chances with your air conditioning unit.

Schedule your AC duct cleaning today!